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This is the web site of Jeffrey Grupp

Theorist and Metaphysician


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RECENT TALK: "Physical Rality is a Computer Simulation," University of Michigan - Dearborn, Humanities Winter Lecture, April 10, 2013, University of Michigan-Dearborn, CASL Room 1030. 


FEATURED VIDEO: "Physical Reality is a Computer Simulation", Jeffrey Grupp at U. of Michigan - Dearborn



CLICK HERE TO READ THE CURRENT FEATURED ARTICLE: "Buddhist Compassion and the Moral-Nihilism of Quantum Non-Matter." (This is my favorite thing I have ever written, and it will thus be my featured selection for a bit :) ) Here is a vid about the paper:here.


Quote of the month: "I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research." -Einstein

 (Click here for past quotes of the month).


Also see my YouTube channels: SimulationTheory, Zen Flower Radio


Email contact: JeffreyGrupp@hotmail.com


 Home    CV & Publications    Science & Philosophy   Primitivst Art     Poetry   Info/About Me

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  Home    CV & Publications   Science & Philosophy   Primitivst Art     Poetry   Info/About Me